Friday, October 31, 2014
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Latest News
10/13/2014-CNAHA-GWICC Subcommittee
2014 ACRE-CNAHA Symposium China Night 1st Announcemen
7/28/2014-CNAHA Board
New Board 2014-2015
7/21/2014-Election Committee
Significant Financial and Academic Contributions
7/16/2014-CNAHA Board
Prof. Jianyi Zhang, has been named the 2014 George E. Brown Memorial Lecturer.
7/16/2014-CNAHA Board
CNAHA China Night at ASE 2014
7/16/2014-Cardiac Imaging Committee
CnAHA china night at ASE 2014
6/24/2014-Cardiac Imaging Committee
CNAHA-CSPE-Medtronic China Night at HRS 2014: Working Together for Health
5/22/2014-CNAHA EP committee

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