Thursday, January 18, 2018
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CnAHA china night at ASE 2014

CnAHA china night at ASE 2014 was held in the embassy suite Queens room on Sunday night June 22, 32 people attended.

Including Jim Thomas (ASE ex-president), Tom Porter (chief of UAB) and Mario Garcia (Chief of Montefiore), Yun Zhang (HFASE 2014), XianHong Shu (chief of echo, Zhong Shan) and JiaWei Tian (Chief of echo Ha-er-bin).

ASE international tast force liason Dr. Xie Feng hosted the event

The evening started with the around the table self introduction

Dr. xie Feng, cynthia taub, Dali Fan, Mariao Garcia, Tom Porter, Jim Thomas and Yun Zhang gave CnAHA YIA to 7 winners of best abstract from China.

Dr. Xie Feng showed a beautiful, memoriable audio-video of the achievement of Dr. Yun Zhang as our congratulation to his HFASE title.

Dr. Zhang gave a short thank you speech, he said this has been the highest honor he had and most moving AV display he saw. Great job Xie Feng!

CnAHA presented a "moving globe gift" to him.

The evening finished with a group picture

see you next year in Boston.

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