Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Significant Financial and Academic Contributions

During the 8th Oriental Congress of Cardiology (OCC 2014), CNAHA Vice President Dr. Dali Feng donated $1000 to CNAHA. 

Along with his talented colleagues: Drs. Leng Jiang, Jianming Li, Li Zhang, Yuxin Fan, Cynthia Taub, Xinliang Ma and Dan Hu, several lectures were beautifully delivered.

CNAHA and ACRE were invited to have a special joint meeting in Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, an affiliate of Shanghai Tongji University. Dr. Yigang Li, who is the director of Cardiology at Xinhua Hospital, who is also in charge of OCC arrhythmia forum, hosted the event. Drs. Li Zhang, Yuxin Fan, Dan Hu, Jianming Li, and Dali Feng from CNAHA, and Dr. Dayue Duan from ACRE, who is the current president of ACRE, participated the meeting. Dr. Guy Fontaine from Paris was also invited to the events. As you may know, Dr. Guy Fontaine is world renown expert and the co-founder on ARVD. He also coined the term "epsilon wave".

Dr. Li first introduced the development of Xinhua Hospital in the last decade. He also presented this large data base on EKG, and atrial fibrillation DNA data. Each speaker then presented for 25 minutes of their clinical or research interests. The participants extensively discussed about long term collaboration potential and visited clinical and research facility at Xinhua Hospital after the meeting. Dr. Li and staffs concluded the event by praising highly about each speaker's basic or clinical researches' accomplishment. All hope the visit is just the starting point for more collaboration in the future.   

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