Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The 25th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology (GWICC) joined with Asia Pacific Heart Congress & International Congress Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation will take place 2014 at the China National Convention Center, Beijing, China (Oct16-19).

This is one of the largest cardiology meetings in the Asia-Pacific region. The theme of this congress is “eHealthcare: A New Horizon”. There is a wide range of topics from translational research for cardiovascular disease, prevention and risk control, coronary intervention, pacing and cardiac electrophysiology, structural heart disease, heart failure and left ventricular function, imaging and diagnostics, to clinical research as well as interregional collaborations in crossover studies of related disciplines. Over 13,000 participants from > 30 countries will attend the meeting. Led by Dr. Dali Fan, the President of CNAHA (2014-2015), our delegation will deliver eight joint sessions including the Young Investigator Award Final Competition. Moreover Drs. Dali Feng, Yuxin Fan, Xinliang Ma, Jie Cao and several other CNAHA members will lecture on each of their specialties in other sessions.  It is a great opportunity to bridge US and China in education and development in the emerging cardiology field.

Prior to the congress, Drs. Dali Feng, Dali Fan, Ning Jiang, Xinqiang Han, Leng Jiang and Yuxin Fan will be lecturing and offering consultations to Chinese patients at the Beijing Medtronic Service Center. Please check out a few joint sessions below:

CNAHA-GWICC Joint Program Highlight 

1. CNAHA-GWICC Joint Session — e-Healthcare

2014-10-17 Friday 14:00-14:30 

Room: 302AB                

Prof. Tsung O Cheng Honorary Lecture

Chair:       Dali Fan, MD, PhD, President of CNAHA (3-5 min)

Co-Chair: Dayi Hu, MD, President of GWICC (3-5 min)

Introduction of Prof. Tsung O Cheng

Lecturer:  Changsheng Ma MD, PhD (20 min).

Topic:      Innovation in Medicine: The e-Health Care 

2.    CNAHA-GWICC Joint Session — Structural Heart Disease

2014-10-17 Friday 14:30-15:30

Room 302AB

Fulminant myocarditis: critical care, Impella, LVAD, ECMO and transplant

Chairs:  Ning Jiang; MD, PhD; Kenneth Liao, MD, PhD

1) Zijian Xu, MD, PhD: Case presentation, medical management and mpella utilization

2) Ning Jiang, MD, PhD: LVAD (HeartMate II, HeartWare, cutting-edge stem cell clinical trial in combination with LVAD)

3) Peng Zhou, MD, PhD: Update on ECMO

4) Kenneth Liao, MD, PhD: Heart transplant, surgical management of fulminant myocarditis 

3. CNAHA-GWICC Joint Session II

2014-10-17 Friday 16:00 -17:30

Room: 302AB

Chairs: Leng Jiang, MD; Cynthia Taub, MD

Program A: (20 min) Prof. Gong-Yuan Xie Honorary Lecture 

Lecturer: Jiang Leng, MD

Topic: From a Countryside Physician in China to a Professor of Medicine in USA

4.    CHRS-CNAHA Joint Session I — Device Therapy: Guidelines, Controversies, and Future Technologie 

2014-10-18 Saturday 08:30-10:00

Room: Function Hall A

8:30-8:40 a.m.  CHRS President’ speech

Jihong Guo, MD, PhD

Changsheng Ma, MD, PhD

Chairs: Jihong Guo, MD, PhD; Quan Fang, MD, PhD; Dali Fan, MD, PhD; Yong-Mei Cha, MD


5. CHRS-CNAHA Joint Session II — Management of Atrial and Ventricular arrhythmia: Present and Future (a case based presentation)

 2014-10-18 Saturday 10:30-12:00

Room: Function Hall A

Chairs: Xiuebing Li, MD, PhD, Yigang Li, MD, PhD

Changshen Ma, MD, PhD; Jie Cheng, MD, PhD

Our best wishes to CNAHA delegates for having a successful meeting and safe travels!

CNAHA-GWICC Subcommittee

Chinese American Heart Association

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