Thursday, January 18, 2018
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CNAHA-GWICC Joint Session II: From a Countryside Physician in China to a Professor of Medicine in USA

3. CNAHA-GWICC Joint Session II

2014-10-17 Friday 16:00 -17:30

Room: 302AB

Chairs: Leng Jiang, MD; Cynthia Taub, MD

Program A: (20 min) Prof. Gong-Yuan Xie Honorary Lecture 

Lecturer: Jiang Leng, MD

Topic: From a Countryside Physician in China to a Professor of Medicine in USA

Lecture Highlight

Dr. Gong-Yuan Xie was a Professor of Medicine in University of Missouri and a key founding member of CnAHA, who lost his valiant battle with cancer after a remarkable career. Dr. Xie had profound knowledge, experience, and wonderful sense of humor. He was not only an excellent cardiologist, but also an enthusiastic mentor. His passion, dedication and determination have inspired many of us tremendously. Among his many accomplishments, he pioneered CnAHA@GWICC. We honor him by sharing his story “From a Countryside Physician in China to Professor of Medicine in US” to keep his legacy alive among us 

Program B: (70 min) The Endocarditis Forum

1) Haodong Xu, MD, PhD:  Pathologic features of endocarditis (10 min) 

2) Leng Jiang, MD: Right side and device related endocarditis: evidence based practice

3) Cynthia Taub, MD: Repair vs. replacement: infective endocarditis from an echocardiographer's perspective

4) Zhandong Zhou, MD, PhD: Surgical approaches to infective endocarditis

Course Description

This joint session of GWICC and CNAHA will focus on key advances in the diagnosis, medical and surgical management of infective endocarditis (IE).  Faculty members include renowned clinicians and academicians from the United States who are thought leaders in the field.  Case-based approach will be utilized to demonstrate pathologic features of IE affecting native and prosthetic heart valves, non-bacterial thrombotic endocarditis and autoimmune endocarditis.  Echocardiography is an essential tool in the diagnosis, therapeutic planning and follow up of IE.  Echocardiographic features of IE and its paravalvular complications will be shown in illustrative cases. These cases highlight the importance of multimodality imaging in the assessment of and clinical decision-making in IE.  A focused discussion on right-sided infective endocarditis (RSIE) will be informative for clinicians taking care of patients with pacemaker/ICD and indwelling catheter.  Current guidelines in the diagnosis and management of RSIE will be reviewed in this session. Finally, surgical approaches to IE will be discussed.  Comprehensive review and updates on recent advances in surgical techniques will give audience an overall understanding of experiences in the operating room and thereafter.

CNAHA-GWICC Subcommittee

Chinese American Heart Association

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