Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The 9th Annual ACRE/CNAHA Cardiovascular Research Symposium and CNAHA/ACRE China Night

Together with the Academy of Cardiovascular Research Excellence (ACRE), the Chinese American Heart Association (CNAHA) successfully hosted the 9th Annual ACRE/CNAHA Cardiovascular Research Symposium and CNAHA/ACRE China Night on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Furama Seafood Rest (富丽华海鲜酒家), 2828 S Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL, during the annual American Heart Association (AHA) scientific sessions. The theme of the CNAHA/ACRE Symposium 2014 was “Bridging the Basic and Clinical Sciences in the Treatment and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases”. These events have been providing an excellent and influential platform of communication and friendship for both the current members of the CNAHA and many non-members of the cardiovascular community around the world who share the mission of CNAHA to promote excellence in cardiovascular research, education, and clinical practice. Here are highlights for these events:  

1.     We received more than 40 abstracts and more than 150 people attended the Symposium and China Night, both of which are records breaking.

2.     It was the first time that we did poster presentation and we established the outstanding poster presentation award.

3.     Three distinguished keynote speeches delivered by:

·      Dr. Daniel Penny, Chief and Professor, Pediatric Cardiology, Baylor College of Medicine for the Symposium

·      Dr. Joshua M. Hare, AHA BCVS Chair, Professor and Chief of Cardiology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine for the China Night

·      Dr. Jianyi (Jay) Zhang, Engdahl Chair in Cardiac Regenerative Medicine, Professor of Medicine/Cardiology, University of Minnesota Medical School for Dr. Bernard Lown Cardiovascular Lectureship.

4.     Young Investigator Award (YIA):

·      1st Prize for Clinical Science: Dr. Heng Zhang, Fuwai Hospital, Beijing, China

·      1st Prize for Basic Science: Dr. Yina Ma, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

·      2nd Prize for Basic Science: Dr. Wen-Feng Cai, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

·      3rd Prize for Basic Science: Dr. Ning Wang, University of California at Los Anglos

5.     Outstanding Poster Presentation Award

·      1st Prize for Poster Presentation: Dr. Xiaojing Yue, Texas A & M University at Houston

·      2nd Prize for Poster Presentation: Dr. George Techiryan, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

·      3rd Prize for Poster Presentation: Dr. Lei Wang, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

6.     CNAHA President Dr. Dali Fan and ACRE President Dr. Dayue Duan declared the formation of the ACRE-CNAHA Federation (ACF) to the public, which is a milestone in the history of CNAHA and means that the two organizations will have extensive collaborations in a broad range in the future.

7.     Dr. Dayi Hu, President of GWICC, was awarded with the CNAHA Lifetime Achievement Award based on his substantial and numerous contributions to the CNAHA over the years.

8.     Dr. Changsheng Ma, President-elect of GWICC, was awarded as an Advisory Board Member of CNAHA according to his outstanding achievements in the field of cardiovascular science.

9.     Dr. Zhe Zheng, Assistant President of Fuwai Hospital, was invited to deliver a speech at the China Night to foster future collaborations.

10.  Dr. Jian-An Wang, President of 2nd Affiliated Hospital, Zhe Jiang University, was invited to give a speech at the China Night to promote future collaborations.

11.  Dr. Jianming Li, CNAHA President Emeritus, was awarded with the CNAHA Distinguished Leadership/Service Award based on his exceptional contributions, dedication and passion to the CNAHA. 

We would like to thank our symposium session chairs from CNAHA Drs. Cynthia Taub and Jianming Li, symposium committee members from CNAHA Drs. Jie Cheng, Dali Fan, Yuxin Fan, Dali Feng, Hongsheng Guo, Dan Hu, Ning Jiang, Jianming Li, Xingliang Ma, Cynthia Taub, Yutao Xi, Feng Xie, Ganxin Yan, Li Zhang, and all participating CNAHA members for their tireless work, great devotion and continuous support.

Our special thanks go to our two distinguished sponsors Medtronic (especially Drs. Jian Cao and Martin Tze) and Boston Scientific, to Dr. Jianming Li, CNAHA President Emeritus, and Dr. Dali Feng, VP of CNAHA, who worked tirelessly and closely with our sponsors, and to Dr. Jie Cheng, CNAHA YIA Director, who initiated and applied for the YIA funds from Medtronic.  It was their great effort and support that made these events possible.

Yuxin Fan, MD, PhD, Symposium Co-Chair, VP of CNAHA

Dali Fan, MD, PhD, President of CNAHA

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