Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Jianming, Li M.D.

Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN
(612) 467-2129(Office)
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Affiliation with

Lifetime member

Vice President (2009-2011)

President (2012-2013)

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Dr. Jian-Ming Li graduated with a BS degree in biochemistry from Nanjing University in 1982.  In 1983, as one of the sixty students selected for a US-China CUSBEA exchange program, he went to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas for graduate school study and obtained PhD in biochemistry in 1988. His PhD dissertation was titled, “The N-terminus of the tRNA methyltransferase contains both nuclear and mitochondral signals.”  In 1991, Dr.Li  attended medical school at McGill University and obtained his MD and CM (Master of Surgery) in 1995. During his time in medical school, he studied the relationship between the L-type Ca channel and hypertension by using molecular cloning technique. This research work led him to win the medical scientist award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada three times, the young scientist award from the 15th international society of hypertension in 1994, and Sandoz research excellence award in 1995.  He did his internal medicine residency at University of Toronto, between 1995 and 1998 and cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology fellowship at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School between 1998 and 2002.   Dr. Li is currently serving as the director of cardiac pacing and electrophysiology service at VAMC, the associate professor of Medicine at University of Minnesota, the associate director of cardiac pacing and EP fellowship training program at University of Minnesota, the attending cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist at VA Medical Center. He is the fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society, board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease and cardiac electrophysiology.  He was the president of the Association of Minnesota Chinese Physicians and the current president of Chinese American Heart Association.  His current research interests includes the mechanism of sudden cardiac death and the effect of CRT on cardiac electrophysiology.

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李剑明博士1982年毕业于南京大学生物系生物化学专业。 当年,美国康奈尔大学分子生物学与遗传学教授吴瑞博士创建了美中生物化学联合招生项目(CUSBEA)。李博士作为第二届CUSBEA的60个学员之一,于1983年8月赴美留学。他于1988年8月通过了德克萨斯大学西南医学中心生物化学博士论文答辩。他的毕业论文是tRNA甲基转移酶含有细胞核和线粒体定位的基因信息。1991年他考取了名列世界前茅的加拿大麦吉尔(McGill) 大学医学院,于1995年获得了外科硕士和医学博士学位。李博士在攻读医学博士期间同时从事钙离子通道对高血压发病机制的分子生物学研究。因此他连续3年获得加拿大心脏和脑卒中基金会医学科学家研究奖金, 1994年第十五届国际高血压学会年轻科学家奖和1995年Sandoz优秀研究奖。医学院毕业后,在1995-1998年期间,李博士在多伦多大学接受内科住院医生训练。在1998-2002年期间,他在德克萨斯大学西南医学院接受心血管专科和心脏起搏电生理专科医生训练。他现任美国明尼苏达大学医学院教授,美国退役军人医疗中心心脏起博和电生理中心主任,明尼苏达大学电生理医生培训中心副主任,心脏病和电生理专科主治医,心脏起搏器手术和心律失常诊治专家。是美国心脏协会会员和美国心律协会院士,并获得美国内科协会、美国心血管协会、美国心脏起搏和心脏电生理协会的行医资格证书。他曾任明尼苏达华裔医生协会主席,现任全美华裔心脏医生协会主席,自2008年起,他连续多年被收录于世界名人录。李博士在世界著名的学术杂志和学术会议上发表了50篇学术论文,并在世界著名学术杂志《科学》上发表过第一作者论文。2009年7月,人民卫生出版社出版了李博士的第一本医学科普著作《爱心启示录》,本书积聚了他多年在美国的行医经验和个人经历。该书已经多次被评为中国亚马逊和当当网上受读者喜欢的畅销书。他目前从事的临床研究包括心脏猝死的机制和预测和心脏三腔起搏对心脏电生理特性的作用.

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Selected publication

1). Li JM and Shore GC. Reversal of the orientation of an integral protein of the mitochondrial outer membrane. Science 1992;256:1815-1817. PMID:    1615327

 2). Theodore S. Takata, Stephen L. Wasmund, Michael L. Smith, Li JM, Jose A. Joglar, Kim Banks, Robert Kowal, Richard L. Page and Mohamed H. Hamdan. Serotonin reuptake inhibitor (Paxil) does not prevent the vasovagal reaction associated with carotid sinus massage and/or lower body negative pressure in healthy volunteers. Circulation 2002, 106(12):1500-4. PMID: 12234955

3). Wasmund SL, Li JM, Page RL, Joglar JA, Kowal RC, Smith ML, Hamdan MH. Effect of atrial fibrillation and an irregular ventricular response on sympathetic nerve activity in human subjects. Circulation 2003, 107(15):2011-2015. PMID:    12681998

 4). Klein JJ, McFalls EO, Cummings MJ, Li JM. Proximal subclavian artery stenosis diagnosis and repair documented by both myocardial perfusion imaging and angiography. Circulation  2004; 109:191-193. PMID:    15117864

 5). Can I, Krueger K, Chandrashekar Y, Li JM, Dykoski R, Tholakanahalli VN. Gerbode-type defect induced by catheter ablation of the atrioventricular node. Circulation 2009;119;553-555. PMID: 19506119

 6). Raza SS, Mbai M, John R, Li JM, Tholakanahalli VN, Adabag AS. Long-term follow-up of patients with permanent pacemaker implantation after cardiac surgery. PACE 2010; 34:331-338. PMID: 21208223

 7). Aloul BA, Sigurdsson G, Can I, Li JM, Dykosky R, Venkatakrishna N, Tholakanahalli VN. Proximity of right coronary artery to cavotricuspid isthmus as Determined by computed tomography. PACE 2010; 33(11):1319-1323. PMID: 20663073

 8). Li YH, Li JM, The clinical application of laser extraction technology for pacemaker/AICD leads. Chin J Cardiol 2011;39(4):363-368. PMID:21624315

9). Wang F, Agnihotri A, Adabag S, Roukoz H, Krueger K, Tholakanahalli V, Li JM. Clinical utility of plasma amiodarone level measurement: A single center experience, J Innovations in Cardiac Rhythm Management 2011; 2: 508–511.

10). Raza SS, Li, JM. John R, Chen LY, Tholakanahali V, Mbai M, Adabag AS. Long-Term Mortality and Pacing Outcomes of Patients with Permanent Pacemaker Implantation after Cardiac Surgery PACE 2011:34:331-338.

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