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Li, Zhang M.D.

Director, Cardiovascular Outcomes Research
Center for Clinical Cardiology, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
100 Lancaster Avenue
Wynnewood, PA 19096
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Academic ranking: Associate Professor, Jefferson Medical College

Dr. Li Zhang completed her medical residency and cardiology training at the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University. She started full-time clinical research in 1994 at LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and has become a renowned expert in investigating inherited arrhythmias associated with increased risks of sudden death in young but otherwise healthy individuals. She is a principal investigator and a collaborator in studies of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD) and long QT syndrome (LQTS) sponsored by AHA and NIH, respectively. Dr. Zhang’s primary goal in research is to improve the early diagnosis of lethal heart rhythm disorder for prompt medical intervention and sudden death prevention. She is an author/co-author of > 160 research manuscripts and abstracts with the vast majority of publications in SCI journals.  She has made important contributions in establishing the ongoing registry studies in China for LQTS, ARVD and left ventricular noncompaction. Besides productive research, Dr. Zhang has facilitated various US-China medical exchange programs. For medical education, she and the team which she organized made great success in delivering a series of ISHNE world-wide cardiology symposiums to China in 2007-2012, and CNAHA online education programs As the Chair of CNAHA-GWICC subcommittee, she has actively involved in organizing the CNAHA delegations to participate the annual joint scientific sessions of the Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology and Asian Pacific Heart Congress since 2013.

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张莉在西安交通大学第二附属医院完成了住院医师,住院总医师和心脏科培训。她于1994年开始在美国犹他州盐湖城LDS医院从事专职临床研究,并成为研究青少年健康人群突然死亡风险增加相关遗传性心律失常的知名专家。她和她的合作者分别获得美国心脏学会(AHA)和美国卫生研究院(NIH)科研基金资助研究致心律失常性右室发育不良(ARVD)和长QT综合征(LQTS)。张莉从事心律失常研究的主要目的是提高对致命性心律紊乱早期诊断水平,从而给予及时的医疗干预以预防心律失常导致的猝死。作为第一作者和合作者,她有160多篇研究论文或论文摘要绝大多数在SCI收录的出版物上发表。她对建立中国LQTS和ARVD注册研究作出了重要贡献。在学术研究之外,张莉积极促进各种中美医学交流活动。在医学教育领域,她和她领导的团队在2007-2012年为中国同行呈现出一系列国际动态心电图和无创性心电协会(ISHNE)和国际心血管病研究在线论坛并取得卓越成效 。从2013年起,作为CNAHA-GWICC委员会主席,张莉积极有效地组织了了美国华裔心脏协会代表团参加长城国际心脏病大会及亚太心脏大会的大会年度联合学术会议。
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Selected publication

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2. Moss AJ, Robinson JL, Gessman L, Gillespie R, Zareba W, Andrews ML, Hall J, Schwartz PJ, Vincent GM, Benhorin J, Locati EH, Towbin JA, Priori SG, Napolitano C, Zhang L, Medina A, Timothy K: Comparison of Clinical and Genetic Variables of Cardiac Events Associated with Loud Noise Versus Swimming Among Subjects with the Long QT Syndrome. American Journal of Cardiology 1999;84:876-879.
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